Webcast: “Transforming to a Knowledge Management Culture”

March 21, 2016

Upcoming Webcast, March 30, 10:00 AM Pacific Time

chatty_customerWhen it comes to realizing success in today’s era of service desks, the importance of an effective and fully integrated knowledge management solution cannot be underestimated. Making the transformation to a knowledge-driven organization is non-trivial, and takes time. Although culture does not change overnight there has been a cultural shift in the workplace making IT organizations take a fresh look at their knowledge management strategy. There is no denying that today’s majority workforce of tech-savvy, self-sufficient millennials are now driving broader acceptance of knowledge as king.

So why are IT organizations finding it difficult to overcome these cultural and organizational barriers and implementing a successful knowledge management solution? This presentation will explore six key barriers to transforming to a truly knowledge-based culture, and practical ways you can overcome each.

Live online Mar 30 10:00 am United States – Los Angeles
Presented byPaul-Dooley
Paul Dooley, Expert/Certified ITSM Instructor, itSMF, Jim Blayney, Senior Principle Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies

New HDI Support Center Skills Development Courses Upcoming!

February 22, 2016

Have you ever considered what the cost to your organization and customer is by not investing in training for your team? In a recent MetricNet survey, 84% of respondents said their opinion of the entire IT department comes from their interaction with the service desk. So as an organization, can your technical support team really afford to not be certified?

According to our most recent Support Center Practices & Salary Report, HDI ranks among the top 5 certifications required for frontline staff. An overwhelming 72% focus on customer service training for their frontline professionals, while 26% cited customer service skills as their primary training focus area.

The skills and knowledge gained through HDI certification and training can improve customer service and service management process resulting in high customer satisfaction. Invest in your team and your customer’s experience by taking advantage of the upcoming classes to your area. Most of our courses are also offered virtually and sell out quickly.

ITIL® Foundation
Denver, CO         March 8-10
HDI Certified Instructor
Colorado Springs, CO      March-8-10
HDI Problem Management Professional
Los Angeles        March 17-18
HDI Desktop Support Technician
Irvine, CA            April 7-8
HDI Support Center Analyst
Vancouver, BC   April 14-15
HDI Desktop Support Technician
Denver, CO         April 21-22
HDI Support Center Director
Denver, CO        May 9-11

Visit the HDI Course Calendar for a complete list of classes offered throughout North America and please let me know if I can help you identify the right courses for you and your team.

New White Paper – “Better Together – ITIL and the HDI Standard”

January 29, 2016

Just announced! A new white paper is available on the Axelos web site, discussing how the HDI Standard and ITIL are “better together”. The HDI Standard has been around since 2000, and is a widely accepted global standard for a best-practice “support center”. This paper discusses how the HDI Standard and ITIL are naturally complementary, and can be used as combined guidance to develop a “high performance support center”.

Click this link to read more: https://www.axelos.com/news/itil-and-hdi-support-centre-standard-white-paper


Cyber Resilience and ITIL Working Together!

September 17, 2015

Cyber resilience and IT service management (ITSM) are both concerned with how to manage the information that creates value for your organization and your customers.

  • Cyber resilience is concerned with managing the risks in protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information that the business needs, whereas
  • ITSM is concerned with managing the IT systems and services that store, process and manage that information.

There is a lot of overlap between these two areas, but too many organizations manage them completely separately – with different people, processes, technology and governance. This can foster a silo mentality, resulting in ineffective decision making that fails to manage cyber risks properly.

This White Paper looks at how cyber resilience and ITSM can work better together to help organizations be more effective in managing their IT services, in preventing cyber-attacks, and in detecting and correcting attacks that cannot be prevented.

Download the Axelos white paper on how Cyber resilience and IT Service Management work together

Soon to be Offering RESILIA Foundation Training!

September 1, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Optimal Connections has been accredited by PEOPLECERT as a authorized training provider for the new RESILIA Cyber Security best-practices – in particular, RESILIA Foundation Certification RESILIA_Licensed_Affiliate_vsmTraining.

We are in the process of adding the in-person and online versions of the course to our list of available courses, so watch our Course Schedule for an update this fall!

Courses on RESILIA Cyber Resilience best-practices will include:

  • RESILIA Foundation – on-site class
  • RESILIA Foundation online training

To learn more about RESILIA Cyber Resilience best-practices, and how they can work to minimize cyber threats in your organization, please point your browser to: https://www.axelos.com/best-practice-solutions/resilia

Paul M. Dooley
Optimal Connections, LLC


I’m Presenting on DevOps and ITIL – SoTEC – Oct 24th

August 5, 2015

I am delighted to have been selected to speak on behalf of itSMF USA at the Southern California Technology Conference (SoTEC) on “The Intersection of DevOps and ITIL”.

The presentation is scheduled for Sat, Oct 24th, 2:15-3:15 pm, and will look at what exactly is DevOps, how it relates to ITIL, and how a DevOps approach adds value to an ITIL implementation, and a service management practice in general.

For more info and to register, go to: https://lnkd.in/b-YeDzP

The Intersection of DevOps and ITIL – New White Paper

July 13, 2015

New ITIL Training White Paper: “The Intersection of DevOps and ITIL®

Jul 7, 2015: A new White Paper on the topic of DevOps and ITIL has been penned by our Principal Consultant, Trainer and Auditor – Paul M. Dooley…


Change is the order of the day, and if anything, the pace of business and technology change is accelerating. The business and customers are looking to IT service providers to be more responsive, delivering more frequent service changes with higher quality-resulting in services that deliver more value to the business. In order to continue to be relevant and of high value, ITIL must continue to benefit from other complementary best-practices for IT. DevOps, an approach that encourages improved communication, collaboration, and teamwork across development and operations, can have a positive influence in improving ITIL processes across the service life-cycle.

Why All the Buzz about DevOps?

DevOps is more of a philosophy or way of working than it is a formal framework or standard. Nevertheless, the approach deserves merit, as it goes to the core of a tension in most IT organizations–the need to be responsive to business change, while maintaining a stable, highly available IT infrastructure, and delivering quality services that meet the needs of the business. What does DevOps have to do with ITIL®?

Let’s start with ITIL. ITIL is the defacto global framework for delivering and managing technology as a service to the business. As a proven and well-adopted framework of IT best practices, ITIL includes the notion that a service is a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating the “outcomes” they want (achieving business results), without them having to deal with the cost and risk associated with that service. ITIL maintains that customers want outcomes–the result of carrying out the service–and they understand that a service provider is required to provide whatever IT services are necessary to help them achieve those outcomes, through the application of people, processes, and technology. ITIL is vendor neutral (doesn’t require tools specific to a given vendor), not prescriptive (it must be adapted to the organization that wants to practice it), and a proven best practice for IT (it just works).

While DevOps emphasizes collaboration and communication, so does ITIL. In fact, there is no inherent conflict between the DevOPs movement and ITIL-upon examination, it becomes obvious that the two are very complementary. DevOps provides us with “new light” in which we can examine the ITIL framework in several key areas, improving core processes, functions, and principles within ITIL.

DevOps and ITIL-In Conflict or Complementary?

Key Elements of a DevOps Approach:

DevOps is not a product or technology, but rather an emerging “methodology” or way of working between two key groups within an IT service provider organization. DevOps:

– Should be holistic–involving people, process, and technology
– Can be thought of as an “extension” of Agile
– Is about breaking down “barriers” between application development groups within organizations, and their service and support function
– Is about ways to improve collaboration between development and operations team
– Includes the concept of automated testing, as well as CI monitoring

More a philosophy or way of working than it is a formal standard or framework, DevOps is short for Collaboration between Development and Operations. “DevOps” arose as a movement within IT best-practices a few years ago when IT managers began to realize that something needed to be done to close the communications and collaboration gap between development groups and support operations staff, and to speed responsiveness to the business and the delivery of service updates and changes.

With the trend toward mobile devices, the “economy of apps” was born. Work began its transition to a mobile workforce, and applications–which had a larger footprint and used to reside on desktops–began their transformation to smaller, portable “apps.” Office applications began to transition to the “cloud,” and an ever-increasing amount of work began to be done on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. In conjunction with the trend toward mobile work, competition for customers and users continued to grow between enterprises. The balance of eCommerce shifted to mobile devices, and it became imperative for organizations to stay ahead of their competitors–with regular updates to “apps” that could empower their workforce, attract customers, and perhaps amount to a competitive differentiation.

Developer organizations began to feel the pressure to be more response to business demands for functionality improvements in apps. The notion of “Agile” development teams was born, and development groups began to develop and deploy new, updated releases of code on a more frequent basis. Agile, which is a philosophy of how to carry out the development and deployment of apps, is also supported by methodologies such as Scrum. It provides the framework within which development organizations can work more productively to design, code, and ship smaller increments of code more frequently to meet customer demand.

Get the full White Paper at Global Knowledge’s web site:  http://www.globalknowledge.com/training/whitepaperdetail.asp?pageid=502&wpid=1515&country=United+States

New Cybersecurity Best Practices Announced: RESILIA

June 26, 2015

From Axelos:

RESILIA is a framework of best practice, developed by AXELOS, to build cyber resilience skills across an organization. Based on the Cyber Resilience Best Practices guide it offers practical knowledge to enhance existing management strategies and help align cyber resilience with IT operations, security and incident management. Using the ITIL lifecycle it develops the skills and insight needed to detect, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks.

When a cyber-attack strikes it threatens the fundamentals of a good business – reputation, customer confidence and operational continuity. Knowing how to respond and recover effectively requires clarity and confidence through the cyber resilience of all of your people. That is because businesses don’t detect and protect from a cyber-attack – people do. Equipping people to react and act on cyber is critical for keeping the value of your business, within your business. RESILIA ensures this by keeping your reputation intact, customers close and operations up and running.

For more info: https://www.axelos.com/best-practice-solutions/resilia/what-is-resilia

Optimal Connections, will be offering Foundation and Practitioner courses in the coming months.

HDI Courses with Special Bonus Materials – Act Now!

May 26, 2015

You may have heard that HDI is running a special promotion that makes becoming HDI certified even easier.

If you register for any of the following courses before June 30, 2015:

HDI will give you the following resources for FREE (more than $300 in added value):

  • The HDI Standard and Self-Study Guide
  • The HDI Online Practice Test
  • The HDI Certification Exam
  • HDI Exam Insurance, which provides one free retake of the certification exam

HDI certification shows your peers, customers, and employer that you provide the highest level of customer service and support. It enhances your skillset, bolsters your resume, and increases your marketability. You won’t find a better time to become HDI certified—learn more and take advantage of this special offer before it’s too late!

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming HDI courses:

July 13th – 15th HDI Support Center Manager Boise, ID
July 20th – 22nd HDI Support Center Manager Los Angeles, CA
July 23rd – 24th HDI Support Center Analyst Los Angeles, CA
August 3rd – 5th KCS Principles Sacramento, CA
August 6th – 7th HDI Support Center Team Lead Sacramento, CA
August 10th – 11th HDI Desktop Support Technician Los Angeles, CA
August 17th -19th HDI Support Center Manager Seattle, WA
August 19th – 21st ITIL® Foundation Denver, CO

Visit the HDI Course Calendar for a complete list of classes offered throughout North America.

Victoria Bech
Account Manager, West | HDI

P.S. Don’t forget the FUSION 15 Early Bird discount ends on June 5. Register now or miss out on $200 in savings.

Optimal Connections, LLC Licensed ITIL Affiliate

May 16, 2015

PEOPLECERT has confirmed the accreditation status of Optimal Connections, LLC as an Affiliate of ITPRENEURS NEDERLAND B.V a PEOPLECERT Accredited Training Organization, and fulfills the requirements of PEOPLECERT’s regulations to offer the following training:


  • ITIL® Foundation
  • ITIL® Intermediate Service Strategy
  • ITIL® Intermediate Service Design
  • ITIL® Intermediate Service Transition
  • ITIL® Intermediate Service Operation
  • ITIL® Intermediate Continual Service Improvement
  • ITIL® Intermediate Release Control & Validation
  • ITIL® Intermediate Operational Support & Analysis
  • ITIL® Intermediate Planning Protection & Optimization

Paul M. Dooley, lead instructor and consultant for the company, delivers training on behalf of Optimal Connections, ITpreneurs, Phoenix TS, Global Knowledge, HDI, and other partner organizations.  For more information on Optimal Connections training, and current calendar, visit http://www.optimalconnections.com/