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10 Ways to Protect Your Users Against Ransomware

May 15, 2017

Found an interesting article in common practices to protect your company against Ransomware attacks.

  1. Understand the threat
  2. Educate your users
  3. Teach users NOT to phish
  4. Maintain layers of Anti-Ransomeware Technology
  5. Keeps Apps Up-to-date with Patching and Plug-ins
  6. Use Windows Policies to Block
  7. Disable Windows Script Hosting
  8. Filter .EXE Files in Email Servers
  9. Always Have a Curret Back-up of your Files
  10. Stay Current on Ramsomeware Developments

Check out the full article:

Paul M. Dooley
Optimal Connections, LLC

Cyber Resilience and ITIL Working Together!

September 17, 2015

Cyber resilience and IT service management (ITSM) are both concerned with how to manage the information that creates value for your organization and your customers.

  • Cyber resilience is concerned with managing the risks in protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information that the business needs, whereas
  • ITSM is concerned with managing the IT systems and services that store, process and manage that information.

There is a lot of overlap between these two areas, but too many organizations manage them completely separately – with different people, processes, technology and governance. This can foster a silo mentality, resulting in ineffective decision making that fails to manage cyber risks properly.

This White Paper looks at how cyber resilience and ITSM can work better together to help organizations be more effective in managing their IT services, in preventing cyber-attacks, and in detecting and correcting attacks that cannot be prevented.

Download the Axelos white paper on how Cyber resilience and IT Service Management work together

Soon to be Offering RESILIA Foundation Training!

September 1, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Optimal Connections has been accredited by PEOPLECERT as a authorized training provider for the new RESILIA Cyber Security best-practices – in particular, RESILIA Foundation Certification RESILIA_Licensed_Affiliate_vsmTraining.

We are in the process of adding the in-person and online versions of the course to our list of available courses, so watch our Course Schedule for an update this fall!

Courses on RESILIA Cyber Resilience best-practices will include:

  • RESILIA Foundation – on-site class
  • RESILIA Foundation online training

To learn more about RESILIA Cyber Resilience best-practices, and how they can work to minimize cyber threats in your organization, please point your browser to:

Paul M. Dooley
Optimal Connections, LLC