HDI’s Membership Model Has Changed

HDI, of which we are a member, had recently changed their membership model to allows for a student tier at a very attractive entry price, plus other professional tiers.

Here is the announcement…

HDI’s New Membership Model Has It All

The new HDI membership model includes more benefits than ever before, putting you in control of your career and making it easy to select the membership level that’s right for you.

Student Membership – $35
Local Chapter Membership – $75
(formerly Bronze)
Resources Membership – $165
(formerly Silver)
Professional Membership – $495
(formerly Gold)
Professional Plus Membership – $795
(formerly Platinum)
Team Package Membership – $1,995
(formerly Platinum Plus)
Leadership Connection Membership
– $4,500 – $6,500

(formerly HDI Forum membership)

Learn More!

Visit ThinkHDI.com/HDIMembership to learn more about the new membership model, or watch this informational webcast. Then, upgrade your membership to a new level, convert or renew your membership at the new level, or even add the Print Package to have exclusive member publications delivered right to your office!

Paul M. Dooley
Optimal Connections, LLC


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