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HDI Orange County Offers SCA Course!

March 10, 2010

As you might know, I am an officer in HDI Orange County.  So I am doing my part by announcing that the HDI Orange County Chapter has decided to sponsor a special HDI Support Center Analyst (SCA) class.  This will be just like any other official HDI class, except that the local HDI Chapter will get $1000 if we can register at least 10 people in the course! 

This is your opportunity to schedule some of your staff in this upcoming SCA class, so they can not only get their HDI SCA certification and training, but also help our HDI OC Chapter in its funding for the year!   We both win!

This special HDI OC Chapter SCA class will be held June 14-15, 2010 We are taking enrollments NOW!  If you are interested, please hold your place by sending email to  If you can’t send someone, then pass this on to a friend and encourage them to register.



Listen To Your Customers Regularly!

March 6, 2010

With all the emphasis on process and technology these days, its sometimes easy to forget that we serve customers.  The article below makes the point that every service provider needs to make sure the have routine processes in place to talk to customers, and get feedback, on a regular basis.

After all, you may think you’re doing a great job, but if your custoemrs think otherwise, well, are you?  Fact is, you’re not.  The level of quality you achieve with respect to servied delivery is in the mind of your customer, and along with all the other objective measurements and reporting you do, there is no substitute for talking with customers and getting their feedback on a regular basis. 

Link to article:

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